Green Acres Subdivision Sewer System (GASSS)

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Below is the 30-day notice document.

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After completing the "true-up" process after closing the loan with the bank, the new monthly rate has slightly decreased to $122.55.  This will be the monthly rate moving forward.




Thank you for your patience and understanding during this transition time.  By now, you have received your final HCU invoice.  That invoice had a mailing address of 1300 Green Acres Drive.  If you mailed it to this address, don't worry as we are collecting that mail and will send it to the correct address for you.  For future reference, all payments should be sent to the following address:

2296 S. 750 W.
Russiaville, IN  46979

Invoices for January have now been mailed and you should be receiving them any day.  If you have already sent in your January payment along with the final HCU payment, you will receive an invoice that is marked 'PAID'.  

Your account number with GASSS will be the same account number you had with HCU.

Please note that the February invoices will be mailed out on the 1st of February and due 15 days after the invoice date. 

Please take note of the following contact numbers for any questions you may have:

  • Emergency Contact Info:  Reliable Sewer & Drain    (765) 252-3665
  • Billing Inquires:  New London Tax Service    (765) 883-5938
  • General Questions:  GASSS    (765) 753-3035


Updated Information (1/14/2021)

As we transition away from Howard County Utility, the GASSS board wanted to clear up any confusion. 

By now, you should have received your final HCU invoice.  This invoice pays for service in the month of December.  GASSS will be collecting this payment on behalf of HCU.  Please use the following address to remit payment:

2296 S. 750 W.
Russiaville, IN  46979

Within the next week, you will receive your next invoice from GASSS which will pay for service in the month of January.

We will use this website to communicate future updates.  Upcoming updates will include contact phone numbers for emergency, billing, and general questions.